ICCCR Torun information

17 mars, 2024

Från arrangören på engelska. Mer information finns även på deras hemsida med länk i slutet av texten

We cordially invite you to Toruń.

We have prepared a rich and varied program for you, including: Citroën club exhibitions, daily activities for children and adults, local rallies and concerts ranging from classical music to jazz and rock, and for residents, a parade on the Philadelphia Boulevard combined with a Concours d’élégance show and an exhibition in the Old Town Market. Additionally, at the flea market you can buy various products from Europe, taste dishes from various cuisines and, of course, admire Citroën cars from different eras. Owners of Citroën cars will certainly love Toruń’s Old Town, which is on the UNESCO list, and they will have the opportunity to search and buy rare parts for their car in Encounter City, located 3 km from the city center. Of course, they will talk almost endlessly about Citroën cars and technical issues with friends who are not only from Europe – we have crews from Martinique, New Zealand and the USA. May Citroën cars, their positive owners and the brand motto ”Creative Technology” bring you a lot of joy and respite from the tsunami of negative emotions attacking us from all sides. We are waiting for you in Toruń – a city with wonderful architectural monuments and valued collectors of vintage cars. In the past, we organized large events for automotive fans, e.g. an international meeting of Citroen 2 CV enthusiasts. I invite you to watch short videos from this meeting:




Having experience in organizing large events of this type, we will make every effort to ensure that our guests participating in the Citroen Rally are very satisfied.

Information about the 17th International Citroen Classic Car Club Rally can be found at: https://icccr2024.pl/en/

Further inquiries regarding participation in the planned event should be sent by e-mail at@automobilklubtorunski.pl


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